Organization Good
Health One blow
Ability Climbs walls
Jumps at edges
Swims in water
Game Small Fry

Sporty is a fry from the game Small Fry.


Sporty has a black and white coloured body, a pink mouth, and a white face. Hence its name, it is the most athletic of all the small fries.

Game information

Sporty has many unique abilities exclusive to himself. Sporties are the second small fry able to withstand water (the first being Skeletons), and the only small fry to be able to swim on water. Sporty is also the only small fry that jumps at edges, and climbs up walls. Sporties are also the fastest of the small fries.

Other appearances


  • Skeleton has a resemblance of a dead Sporty, due to their similar sizes.
  • Sporty is slightly similar in appearance to the Blots from Scribble.

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