A fully expanded sponge
Ability Provide a platform that can be rolled on
Game(s) Beneath The Lighthouse

Sponges are interactive objects that are first encountered in level 4 of Beneath The Lighthouse.


Sponges appears as a small octagonal dot with yellow borders and a darker yellow circular centre. When expanded, the sponge is square shaped and most displays the darker shade of yellow with some lighter patches.

Game information

Sponges stay retracted until the player presses (mobile)/clicks (brrwser) the screen. This causes all sponges in the entire level to grow to their full size. The sponges immediately shrink when the player's control of the screen is released. When sponges are expanded, the boy can roll on them as he would with a normal platform, allowing him to cross between gaps within a circle.

If the boy lands within the expanding area of a sponge, he may be pushed or rise to the top if the sponges are activated when he is at level or above the retracted sponge. The boy, however, may be stuck inside the sponge or fall to the bottom if the player activates the sponge when he is below the retracted form and within the sponge's expanding area.

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