This article is about cacti from Fat Cat. For cacti from other games, please see Cacti.

Spinning cactus spawners
Spinning Cactus Spawner
Attack Shoot bullet clusters, other smaller enemies
Health Shown in health bar
Game(s) Fat Cat

Spinning cactus spawners are a variation of the spinning cacti enemies in the game Fat Cat.


Spinning cactus spawners are large and beige coloured. Inside of the machine's outer shell lies a cactus. These machines have three layers. The inner most layer is tall and has a decorative imprint on it. The middle layer consists of several separate formations orbiting around inner layer. The outer-most layer consists of three smaller beige orbs that glow orange.

Game information

Spinning cactus spawners can shoot bullet clusters and other smaller enemies, such as small green creatures or spinning cacti, at the cat. They are first introduced in level ten. This large enemy can take many hits from the owl before it is destroyed. Since many of them often appear at once in a stage, the power of the cat's megaburp should often be relied on in order to pass the level.


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