This article is about cacti from Fat Cat. For cacti from other games, please see Cacti.

Spinning cacti
Spinning Cactus
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities May move around in level
Health App. 3-4 bullets from owl
Game(s) Fat Cat

Spinning cacti are enemies that are first seen in level one of the game Fat Cat.


They appear as green cactuses with eyes, and they sit in floating, spinning pots with spikes on them. They may sometimes remain in one place, spinning around in a continuous circle. Other times they may move back and forth while spinning, or zig-zag around each other. In most levels, they will leave food in their place after being destroyed.

Game Infomation

These enemies take more hits from the owl to destroy than the red eyeballs or small green creatures, which are introduced before the spinning cacti in level one. Bigger version of the spinning cacti are named spinning cactus spawners, which sometimes spawn out the smaller spinning cacti as an attack.

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