Spiky monster
Attack Helmet is dangerous to touch because of spikes
Health Dies on contact with hot rocks
Points One coin
Game(s) Twin Shot 2

Spiky monsters[1] are enemies in the game Twin Shot 2 on the Evil Levels.


They appear similar to normal dark creatures, but they have a golden helmet (or shell) on their backs. On the shell are many grey spikes.

Game information

Like other dark creatures, this enemy can jump through platforms. It is very similar to the helmet dark creature encountered in the good levels, but unlike the helmet dark creatures, it will not lift up its helmet. The bottom of spiky monsters is their only vulnerability, and to kill them they need to be lead on to hot rock. Spiky monsters could be considered the "evil" variation of helmet dark creatures.


  1. Name revealed on level 52 of Twin Shot 2 Evil Levels

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