Spiky clouds
Attack Deadly on contact
Abilities Crawling on walls
One hit with Awesume Glasses
Game(s) Colourblind

Spiky clouds are enemies in the game Colourblind.


Spiky clouds are small, circular clouds with four spikes extending from their sides; they appear to be exhaling. The most common kind of spiky cloud are the purple ones, though there are also a few white ones in the game. They appear to have small, souless eyes, a black nose, and a small mouth; they appear to be smiling.

Game information

Spiky clouds will circle the platform they are on, climbing on walls and ceilings to do so. They often appear in chains of spiky clouds. Like other enemies in the game, they can be defeated if they are burnt or crushed, but not by the right eye itself.

Awesume Glasses will kill them with one shot.

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