This article is about spike traps from Trap series. For spike traps from other games, please see Spike traps.

Spike traps
Spikes (Knight Trap)
Pointy spikes (top)
Arrow apikes (bottom)
Attack Dangerous on contact on top
Damage Death
Game(s) Knight Trap
Office Trap

Spike traps are traps in both the games Knight Trap and Office Trap. There are two types of spikes in Knight Trap, both which have different appearances and buttons.


Pointy spikes

The buttons for pointy spikes are made of wood or brick, but they are usually made of wood. Spike trap buttons have a white coloured spike for a button icon. The spikes them-selves are large and cyndrilical.

Arrow spikes

Arrow spikes have wooden buttons and brick buttons, although wooden buttons are more frequently used. Arrow spikes are spikey tips on the end of spears.

Game information

Pointy spikes

The first type of spikes are the pointy spikes. Two pointy spike buttons are placed with a platform between them, the button or the platform will activate the spikes if either of them are stepped on. When a spike trap is activated, the spikes will not come up immediately, instead, they will come up when a knight leaves the button.

The pointy spikes that are activated will vary from trap-to-trap; pointy spikes will always take up half the width of the platform they are on. The pointy spikes can be sometimes hard to jump over, as when they are activated they stay up for the entire level. Also, pointy spikes will only kill knights if the knights land on top of the actual spikes, touching the spikes from the sides will not at all harm the knight.

Arrow spikes

The second type of spikes are arrow spikes. Arrow spikes are arrow-shaped spikes. Arrow spikes are much more dangerous than pointy spikes, as they will slowly move up and down, moving to either the left or the right. The sizer of the arrow spikes and the distance it can go will vary from trap-to-trap. Like pointy spikes, arrow spikes will only start once the knight has left the button. Arrow spike buttons are quite different than pointy spike buttons, as the button for an arrow spike is either a upwards or downwards facing arrow (either ↑ or ↓).

The direction the arrow is pointing will denote what side of the platform the arrows will come up. If the arrow is pointing up (↑) and the button is pressed, the arrows will move upwards and vice verse. Although the arrow spikes can go either up ow down, the button has to be pressed on from the top to be activated. Later levels of Knight Trap, will involve the player having to jump through wooden platforms infested with arrow spikes, with the probability of being hit.

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