This article is about spike traps from Hot Air 2. For spike traps from other games, please see Spike traps.

Spike traps are enemies in the game Hot Air 2.


Spike traps are grey with a saw on either side of them. Connecting the saws is two grey bolts on the spike traps face. The spike trap's face appears grey with a black smile below, two black eyes above, two red cheeks beside the eyes, and a strait eye brow. When it is angry it face changes so that it is pink with a frown and it's eyebrow changes to a shape of a v. On top of the spike trap's face is a orange platform that, until Hot Air touches it, has a orange key on top.

Game information

Angry Hot Air Spike Traps

A spike trap when shut

They have an orange platform on them, which causes the spike trap to close their long spiked arms when it is landed on by the player. They appear on level two of Hot Air 2, where (likely coincidental) only two traps appear. Both spike traps have an orange pad atop their head, thus, it is necessary for Hot Air to activate the pad in order to complete the level.

When the orange pad on the spike trap's head is landed on, the trap will become angry and in two seconds bring up its rectangular "arms". If Hot Air is not fast enough, he will be popped by the spikes. After a few seconds, the traps will lower their trap and become happy again.