This article is about spike spheres from Frost Bite series. For spike spheres from Space Hopper, please see Spike spheres (Space Hopper).

Spike spheres
Spike Sphere Chains
Spike sphere chain (above)
Spike Spheres
A spike sphere (above)
Attack Moving;
Dangerous on contact
Damage One fourth health
Game(s) Frost Bite series

Spike spheres are a recurring hazard in the Frost Bite series.


Spike spheres are a brown ball with spikes pointing up and down on them. Spike sphere chains have a center that appears as a brown sphere on a square base, with multiple long chains of small brown circles attached to the middle circle, which on the other end has a spike ball.

Game information

Frost Bite series

There are two types of spike spheres, single spike spheres and spike sphere chains.


Single spike spheres appear often in Frost Bite 1 & 2. They are often seen stationery, but are sometimes seen moving along slices in the wall. Often they have to be avoided or jumped over of if moving ran under while they are above the player. They appear rarely in early levels of the game, but are more greatly used as the game progresses.

In Frost Bite 1, most spike spheres are completely stationary, moving spike spheres being used more often in the sequel - Frost Bite 2. Touching one will cause the Eskimo to lose one fourth of her health. Spike spheres are capable of going through lifts, wooden or metal.

Spike sphere chains

Spike sphere chains consist of a center base and chains extending out from the base, which have spike balls attached to the end. Spike sphere chain's base do not move, only the chains move. The spike sphere chain' chains vary in length, and can either be very long or very short. The chains and spike balls go through platforms. Any part of the spike sphere chains will harm the player ¼ of there health.


  • Spike spheres are probably the second most used hazard in video games and Flash games (computer games) (spikes being the first most used hazard), which is how they probably appeared in the Frost Bite series.

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