This article is about spike heads from Canary. For spike heads from other games, please see Spike heads.

Spike head squids
Spike Head Squids
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving
Health Laser exposure for four seconds
Game(s) Canary

Spike head squids are enemies in the game Canary.


Spike head squids have a single blue eye. They are pink and have two tentacles grabbing a silver spiked plate. They have three other tentacles out from behind them which might possibly be their mouth.

Game information

Spike head squids are the smaller counterpart of the drill head squids, who have several similarities. Spike head squids are always seen gripping a spike plate with their head tentacles, which they will never let go from, hence their name.

Like their bigger counterpart, they cannot be damaged from their head due to their spike plate, leaving their weak spot being their back. Because Canary 214-LE cannot shoot backwards, he relies on mirrors to reflect his laser gun beam into the backs of the spike head squids. Spike head squids are usually seen in groups of two or more.

It is uncertain what occupation the spike head squids hold, as they are mostly seen moving vertically left on the screen, although in one level in Canary two spike head squids are seen pushing alien larvae-infected rock.


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