Spike-haired blobs
Spike haired blob
Attack Deadly on contact
Abilities Follow the grey creatures
Health Pink Bomb Powerup - One
Drill(RBGDN)Missile(RBGDN) - Varies
Game(s) Rainbogeddon

Spike-haired blobs are enemies in the game Rainbogeddon.


The spike-haired blobs are yellow and have spikes all over their bodies; they resemble hedgehogs.

Game information

Unlike some enemies, spike-haired blobs will home in on the player(s), hunting them down one at a time. They can be stopped using the tail powerup to block their pathway.

The spikes make them more difficult to avoid, as to it increasing their length to where the grey creatures must only touch the spikes to be defeated instead of their whole body. It makes it difficult to navigate around them easily.

The sad phase starts sometimes on level thirty-six. This phase will cause them to stop moving for a singe second, this changing their appearance to their spikes drooping down, their mouth shaped like a curved trapezoid, and their eyelids down.


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