This article is about spiders from Graveyard Shift. For spiders from other games, please see Spider.

Spider - Graveyard Shift
A spider crawling
Attack Jumping at the player
Abilities Poisoning the player
Health Gun(GS)Grenade(GS)Sword(GS) - One blow (front)
Block (when jumping)
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

Spiders are enemies in the game Graveyard Shift.


These spiders from the to have a purple spherical body with three legs on each side, and two pincers on the front. When they jump at the player, revealed to be under them are their four green eyes - placed near the top of their head - and mouth with visible teeth.

Game information

Spiders roam platforms, appearing from the top. They will walk back and fourth when on a platform, but only horizontally. Often times other spiders will be around them. Some time after the player glimpses the spiders, one will leap at the player, acting as a projectile. The player must now block them with their shield, because failing to do so will kill the spider but simultaneously harm and poison the player.

Spider - Graveyard Shift (2)

A spider jumping at the player

It is important then to shoot spiders as soon as they are seen, as some spiders may jump simultaneously and force the player to either incur poisoning and a loss of one heart, or to attempt to perform a tricky shield maneuvers involving the player to block one spider then immediately slide the shield to block the other attacker. Spiders can be shot and killed when seen from the top, but when jumping can only be blocked and are invulnerable to gun fire. Spiders in some levels are spawned from spider hives in mass numbers, many exiting the hive roughly every five seconds or so.

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