This article is about spiders from Canopy. For spiders from other games, please see Spiders.

Canopy Spider
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Re-hanging itself
Health Can fall down if the spiderweb is shaken
Game(s) Canopy

Spiders are enemies in the game Canopy.


Spiders have a yellow body shaped similarly to a heart with no point at the bottom. They have six legs and two crab like arms with pincers. They have a pink face with four pink eyes and what seems to be two teeth.

Game information

Spiders hang only from strings (spiderwebs) attached to their back. If Canopy shakes the spiderweb, or branch that they are attached to forcefully enough, they will fall off the branch. However, they can re-hang themselves.

Spiders are uncommon throughout Canopy, probably because they are stationary and don't attack Canopy, acting more like hazards than enemies.



  • All the enemies in Canopy have Chiseler-like eyes, even spiders.
  • The spider seen in the trailer of Super Feed Me seems very similar to the Canopy spiders.
  • As the spiders can re-hang themselves, if Canopy shakes a spiderweb too fast, the spider may re-hang itself with the same string.

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