This article is about spiders from Knight Trap. For spiders from other games, please see Spiders.

Spider traps
Spiders (Knight Trap)
A spider descending from its trap
Attack Wrapping the player in a cocoon
Damage Killing the player after a certain amount of time
Game(s) Knight Trap

Spider traps are traps in Knight Trap.


Trap Spider

The spider

The spider's head is orange with two white mandibles below it. It has eight legs, four on each side. The icon for this trap is a large spiderweb symbol.

Game information

Trap Knight Web


When the spider trap button is pressed, a spider will drop down from the above platform and cover the player in silk (image K1). The trap cannot be avoided once activated. Now, they have to get to the goal as as fast as possible. They have a remaining amount of air, indicated by the small bar next to them that slowly becomes transparent.

If they deplete their air, the knight will stop, the silk will come off, and the Knight's bones will drop down. If the player manages to get to one of the goal platforms, they will jump jump on it and dance, happily, only covered in silk.

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