This article is about spiders from Toxic 2. For spiders from other games, please see Spider.

Spider robots
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving up and down on a laser beam
Health One blow from a bomb
Game(s) Toxic II

Spider robots are enemies in the game Toxic II.


Spider robots consist of four legs and a body. Spider robots' bodies have six visible pink eyes on a large metal body. This metal body curves slightly up, with an opening on the back for the laser beam to attach to. Each leg has four joints, with two "fingers" at the end of each joint.

Spider robots are held up by a laser, attached to the opening on the back.

Game information

Spider robots are always held up by a stationary downwards pointing laser beam. These laser beams never move, and act as the webbing of the spider. Spiders move vertically up of them, going down and up. They constantly move their legs when doing this.

They have no real attack, other than to partially block the player's way. They are easily destroyed, as they move slowly. Once destroyed, the laser holding them up will shoot straight down, meaning it acts as a usual laser, only not moving.


  • Spider robots, although based off spiders, have only four legs, actual spiders having eight. Spider robots also only have six eyes, while real spiders have eight.