This article is about spiders from Graveyard Shift. For spiders from other games, please see Spiders.

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Spider hives
Spider Hive2
Attack N/A
Abilities Spawning spiders
Health Gun(GS) - 50+
Grenade(GS) - 3
Sword(GS) - ?
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

Spider hives are enemies in Graveyard Shift. They, although being completely defenseless, spawn spiders that can potentially harm and poison the player.


The hive appears as a purple irregular shaped object with purple scale like objects on it. The hive is covered with many eye-like spheres, some on the body of the hive and others extending out on small tentacle-like pieces of skin.

Game information

Spider hives first appear on level five are an uncommon nuisance in Graveyard Shift, as when the player comes to one the screen immediately stops scrolling and forces the player to destroy the hive to progress on in the level. The spider hive spawns spiders into the game periodically, spiders that can move vertically and horizontally. It spawns these spiders fast, but too fast for the player to kill all the spiders and deal a significant amounts of damage to the spider hive. Most spider hives spawn spiders from various places on the hive, forcing the player to keep all sides watched, as a spider could wander out at any moment.

Rarely, some spider hives will spawn spiders out of one spot, allowing the player to focus fire in a spot that damage the hive and as well kills exiting spiders. The player should try to switch between firing at the spider hive (if the gun is their weapon) and exiting spiders frequently, as if they let the spiders live to long they will eventually leap at the player, forcing them to be blocked, while being blocked more spiders will spawn, and maybe others will leap at the player.

Spider hives can take over 50 shots from the gun to be destroyed, but only three grenades to be destroyed. The reason they are nuisances is due to the danger with fighting one, as they take a long time to destroy and the player runs a risk of getting injured and poisoned.

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