Spherical orange goo creatures
Spherical Orange Goo
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving
Health Cannot be killed
Game(s) Swindler

Spherical orange goo are enemies in the Swindler series. They are first seen in level two of Swindler, and in level sixteen of Swindler 2.


Spherical orange goo appear as a transparent ball filled with an orange liquid. The orange liquid swishes around like water, and on top of the liquid is a semicircle head with two visible eyes on it. The body has two long orange goo-like tentacles that remain within the sphere.

Game information

Orange Goo

A spherical orange goo choking Swindler

Spherical orange goo move in straight lines, sticking to one wall, then jumping off it to move in a straight line to the next surface they touch. When they hit a wall, the liquid inside the sphere will swish around like water, then adjust their view so their eyes are looking in the opposite direction of the wall. They will then stay there for a few seconds before jumping off and moving back to the previous location.

If Swindler is caught in the path of a spherical orange goo while it is in motion, the enemy will snap the Swindler's cord and drag him into the its sphere. When they get to the next wall, the orange body inside the sphere is then seen grabbing hold of the Swindler in a twisted motion, killing him and forcing the player to restart the level. If the player touches the sphere while it is immobile, they will experience the usual death of exploding.

Spherical orange goo are usually found in long open areas where they can travel back and forth between walls in long ranges. Since they move at a quicker pace than the other orange goo enemies encountered in the game, narrower passages above and below the goo creatures' path are seen in the levels they appear in, allowing "safe spots" that prevent the Swindler from being captured once he is in the narrower passageways.

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