Special announcements refer to the popup advertisements Nitrome uses to promote their mobile games and mobile game updates on Whenever the site is accessed,the most recent special announcement will appear, unless the "No Thanks" option was previously selected on the same computer account.


Icebreaker special announcement full screen

The darkened screen when an announcement appears

Special announcements appear as a rectangular module that covers most of the main area of the site. Any exposed areas not concealed by the popup are dimmed, with focus given to the advertisement. One large image within the popup displays an illustration related to the subject being advertised. Links are seen on the right side in the form of buttons related to the advertisement's theme.

Three rectangular buttons, equal in length, occupy most of the bottom width of the screen. These buttons' colours are adjusted to match the colour scheme of the promotional picture.


When a special announcement is displayed, visitors can view the trailer and visit the game's official website by clicking on the corresponding links within the largest picture on the popup. The buttons below allow setting preferences for viewing the advertisement. Visitors can choose "No Thanks", which prevents the ad from appearing when they visit again, "Remind Me Later", which hides the popup until the site is re-visited or "Get it now!", which leads to additional links to stores that sell the game or application.

The special announcement for Endless Doves, released on November 12th 2014, strayed from the regular special announcement setup in that the "X" button appears and is bigger and the "Download now" button leads to the mobile module. These changes are likely because the game is completely free.


Announcement Date Notes
iOS release of Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage 20 June, 2013 The trailer link opened a playable video embedded within the popup.
Android and Amazon release of Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage 7 May, 2014
First release of 8bit Doves 28 August, 2014 The "Get it Now" and "Website" buttons both lead to the 8bit Doves website.

Endless Doves

12 November, 2014 The "Download now!" button lead to the mobile module.

Roller Polar

4 December, 2014
Platform Panic 17 December, 2014
Gunbrick 8 January, 2015
Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire 25 February, 2015
Silly Sausage in Meat Land 25 March, 2015
Cooped Up 6 May, 2015
Green Ninja 10 June, 2015