A bubble spawner
Ability Spawns hazards
Game(s) Plunger

Spawners are objects introduced in level 14 of Plunger.


Spawners appear square shaped and are dark gold in colour. A circle is seen on each of their four corners. They have an additional hole in the middle of them, one which is square shaped with rounded corners for monster spawners, and circular for bubble spawners.

Game information

Spawners remain fixed to a certain area within the level they are in. Periodically, their four circles light up consecutively. After all four circles are lit, a certain hazard emerges from its opening.

The first spawners to appear in the game are bubble spawners in level 14. These entities generate a bubble approximately every seven seconds. The delay in generation is longer when more unpopped bubbles are present on the screen. The lights on the circles brighten in a counter-clockwise formation, starting with the top-right circle.

Monster spawners are first encountered in level 17. Roughly every five seconds, they spawn either a fire or ice monster. Unlike the bubbles, their circles light up in a clockwise direction.


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