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Game(s) Final Ninja series

Spawners are objects in the Final Ninja series.


Spawners appear as a block in walls with either a blue opening, or a green opening.

Game information

Spawner fianl

A spawner in Final Ninja

Spawners cannot be destroyed by anything, and are encountered frequently throughout both Final Ninja games, but only do something when the alarm has been set off. When the alarm has been set off, enemies will be spawned from the spawner. All enemies spawned from spawners are spawned in large numbers.

Final Ninja

In Final Ninja, basic cyber guards will drop out of them and blue mines will be spawned from them, as well as sometimes laser guards. They also have a different appearance in Final Ninja in comparison to Final Ninja Zero. They have a blue tab instead of a lit green one.

Final Ninja Zero

In Final Ninja Zero, drone mines and sentinel robots will be spawned. They are also the source of green mines and will spawn one immediately after the previous Mine is destroyed, regardless of whether the alarm is on, as green mines do not attack the player. Spawners appear in every level of the original Final Ninja and the boss levels of Final Ninja Zero.

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