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Spacegirl? is a character in Platform Panic.


A character with large armour coloured in orange, red, and light purple. The helmet of the character is sunken down, appearing parallel with their shoulders. Their left arm has a cannon on it.

Game information

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Spacegirl? can be unlocked for 250 coins.

Penguin 1

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Spacegirl?'s special ability is double jump. The character can jump as high as when on a spring. It is possible to jump when falling, though this can only be done once at a time.


We took away all her upgrades. HA HA


Spacegirl?'s armor, upgrades and gender ambiguity is a reference to Samus of Metroid. Spacegirl?'s pose on the character select screen is almost identical to Samus' pose on the cover of Metroid 2.

Spacegirl?'s special ability "double jump" and the resultant energy output from her back is a reference to the Space Jump Boots first introduced in Metroid Prime.