Meow! Yuck space squids! They can harm me but they have a weak spot. - Rockitty

Space squids are the first formally introduced enemies in Rockitty, making their first appearance in level ten.


Space squids are white with a triangular head. Their heads have a pink dot with a pink ring below the dot. A yellow eye is blow the ring. Below the eye is a pink mouth that only opens when the space squid attacks. Four small legs, two smaller and two larger, are seen at the bottom of the space squid. In the middle of the space squids legs is its weak spot that glows pink.

Game information

Space squids float around in the atmosphere, with their pointy heads aimed at Rockitty.If Rockitty remains still for a short moment, the space squids making their way towards Rockitty. When Rockitty is within firing range, Space Squids will begin to fire pink bullets, hurting Rockitty on contact. At other times, they will wait for the player to make the first move, then allow their attack to proceed forth.

Their beneficialness to the game, is demonstrated in level fourteen. Since two keys are enclosed in an area with a space squid, the player needs to guide the space squid towards them by having it follow Rockitty's direction in the pool of milk.

Weak spot

Although space squids are dangerous in large groups, they can be destroyed through their weak spot, a flashing pink area on their belly. The player can stun it by aiming Rockitty towards an area other than its pointy head. While the space squid recovers from the hit, the player should quickly send Rockitty towards the weak spot. Hitting it will cause the squid to explode, granting the player 150 points.