Space jellyfish
Attack Firing bullets; Dangerous on contact
Abilities Flying
Health Three hits
Game(s) Xolstar 3 (Mega Mash)

Space jellyfish are enemies that are found in the Xolstar 3 segments of the game Mega Mash. They are in the uncertain enemies group.


Space jellyfish appear as creatures which look a lot like real life jellyfish. Space jellyfish have a light turquoise hemispherical head with a white stripe, including a mouth and a pair of black eyes. They have three tentacle legs that usually appear indifferent.

Game information

Space jellyfish make movements like jellyfish, and attack by shooting bullets at Xolstar, first aiming at the ship, unlike other enemies of Xolstar 3.

Space jellyfish can be destroyed by being shot three times with the laser from the Xolstar, the same amount of shots needed to destroy several enemies in the Xolstar setting.

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