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Space mice
Fast mouseSpace mouse with helemt moon
A space mouse from Cheese Dreams (left) and Cheese Dreams: New Moon (right)
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Walking left and right
Health Cannot be killed (Cheese Dreams) two hits (Cheese Dreams: New Moon)
Game(s) Cheese Dreams, Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Space mice are enemies in the Cheese Dreams series.


Slow mice

The slow mice have purple fur, white eyes and a white/pink tail. They have blue spacesuits with a cyan helmet with an antenna with a purple ball on it. They have an "M" on their belly of their spacesuits and pink adzes on their spacesuits.

Albino mice

The albino mice have white fur, pink eyes and a pink tail . They have green spacesuits with a pink helmet with an antenna with a red ball on it. They have a "M" on their belly of their spacesuits and red adzes on their spacesuits.

Cheese Dreams: New Moon

They have white fur, pink eyes and a pink tail. They have grey spacesuits with a cyan helmet with an antenna with a pink ball on it. They carry a black backpack and have pink adzes on their spacesuits.

Game information


The space mice flew to earth in their mouse ship and stole the moon.

The moon escaped and was swallowed along with the mouse ship by the gigantic cat ship.

In game

Space mice are often scattered throughout the spaceship the moon is trapped in, moving back and forth among platforms at different paces. If the moon lands on a mouse, it loses a portion of its health.

Some mice can be seen inside wheels, and since they are impossible to reach, they will not hurt the moon. The others can be seen moving at different speeds across platforms usually, and can be classified into two categories: fast mice and slow mice.

Slow mice

Slow Mouse

A slow mouse

These are the common types of mice encountered in the game. They have purple fur and white eyes and move at a slower pace than the albino mice. Slow mice are also the kind seen inside wheels or giant ball compartments which the moon can bounce on to reach other places.

Albino mice

Fast mice are albino in colour, with white fur and pink eyes, and move at a much faster pace than the darker coloured mice. These mice are less commonly seen in the game, only appearing in later levels as opposed to the other variation.

Mice in wheels

Space mice can also be found in wheels. When space mice are inside a wheel, they will turn the wheel the other way. This will close the gate the wheel is connected to (if it is connected to one at all), resulting in the moon having to move quickly.

Space mice can also be in wheels that are not connected to gates. The mouse is usually walking, making the wheel rotate. Since the wheel is moving, the moon will have a hard time bouncing on it. Therefore, the player must be careful when controlling the moon on wheels with mice inside, as to not accidentally bounce him into a hazard or enemy.


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