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Attacks Contact is deadly, shoots blue balls of fire.
Abilities Turning from an inanimate stone into living creatures
Game(s) Turnament

Sorcerers are unique enemies found only in one room on floor 9 of the Turnament castle that together serve as the final boss fight of the normal floors.


At first glance, the sorcerers appear to be statues. However, they soon reveal themselves to be very much alive black ball-shaped creatures with glowing blue eyes and brown, pointed wizard's hats.

Game information

The sorcerers are fought at the end of floor nine. At first they appear to be statues, but as soon as the red knight steps into the room, the door seals shut behind him and the first of the sorcerers, standing in the center of the room, casts of its stone disguise.

Movement and attacks

Sorcerers move like skulls, in that they home in on the player, thus, the same precautions that must be taken when dealing with skulls must be taken here.

Stepping into the square adjacent to one of the seven sorcerers will result in death. In addition to the skull's ability of relentlessly homing in on the player, the sorcerers also have an additional attack: shooting blue balls of fire. These, once fired, behave the same way as a red fireball.

They fire them whenever their eyes are blinking, at seemingly random intervals. Be extra careful when a sorcerer is facing upwards, as it's eyes cannot be seen.

Phases and environment

Sorcerers are located in the third room of floor nine. Their room is rectangular and relatively large; the walls are lined with rocks. The first sorcerer is located in the centre of the room, and makes up the first phase of the boss fight.

Two of the sorcerers stand against the left wall, and once the first sorcerer has been defeated, the two sorcerers activate, making up the second phase of the boss fight.

Once these two are dead, the remaining four sorcerers, standing against the right wall, activate, making up the third and final phase of the fight.

How to defeat the sorcerers

The sorcerers have to be defeated in a similar way to a lot of skulls. By smashing a rock on the edge of the room to stall a turn, the Sorcerers can be lured onto the adjacent square to the player, and be subsequently defeated on the next turn. However, as mentioned above, an added complication is of course the sorcerers fireball-shooting ability, which can destroy the rocks in the room.

A helpful trick, at least on the first phase is to defeat the last sorcerer in the phase right next to one of the sorcerer statues that will activate on the next phase. This lets the player start the next phase with one sorcerer less to worry about. However, this maneuver is quite hard to pull off on the third phase.



  • Spoiler
    A sorcerer's fireball attack is the same that can be purchased by the player for use in the secret level on the top floor.

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