This article is about soldiers from Submolok. For soldiers from other games, please see Soldiers.

Attack Firing bullets
Abilities Can adjust aim while firing
Health N/A
Game(s) Submolok

Soldiers are enemies in Submolok.


Soldiers appear to be pale-skinned humans wearing green army gear. Their helmets are a lighter shade of green with a yellow symbol on the forehead portion. The rifles they carry are grey and thin.

Game information

Soldiers are found above water in some areas within the game. Each soldier wields a rifle, allowing them to attack from a range while remaining stationary. When Submolok is near a soldier, the soldier fires bullets in a quick fashion at Submolok until he is out of the soldier's firing range. Soldiers are able to turn direction and aim upwards, adjusting to Submolok's current position.

A soldier fires bullets in sets of three, with a brief pause in between. These bullets have a shorter range in water than that of the missiles fired by missile pods. Bullets shot in the water will move slightly slower and dissipate not too long afterwards.

Soldiers can be temporarily stunned by using Submolok's explosive powerup within a close distance. The ship is also able to stun a soldier by touching one. The latter causes the soldier to not attack if the ship remains stationary.

Other appearances

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