This article is about soldiers from Bullethead. For soldiers from other games, please see Soldiers.

Triclopians Transparent
Colours Red, yellow
Abilities Walking, jumping, shooting
Members Yellow soldier
Red soldier
Inventions Gun helmets
Tentacle reared shields
Game Bullethead, Nitrome Must Die

Soldiers (article formerly called Triclopians) are a furry species in the game Bullethead that live in the war-torn city, which was at one point attacked by aliens. The soldiers also appear as enemies in the game Nitrome Must Die.


Soldiers can come in two known colors, red and orange-yellow. They are short and round and have two legs and eyes. On their heads are small lumps that could be used to resemble hair.



When the Triclopian War started, the soldiers were selected to fight against the alien invaders. In the war torn city two soldiers defended their city - the yellow and red soldiers. They both fought through several waves of alien attacks using their gun helmets and help from floating tentacle reared shields.

Eventually, they fought and destroyed the Omega Dragon, ending the war.


The soldier species invented the gun helmet and the floating tentacle reared shields to protect them.

Notable members

The yellow soldier is a soldier, as well as the main character in Bullethead. It (along with the red soldier) defended their city from hostile aliens. Player one controls the yellow soldier.

The red soldier is a soldier and the second main character in Bullethead. The second player controls it.


The soldiers are armed with gun helmets which shoot bullets up, and can be modified for a brief time by the power ups dropped by the defeated enemies.

Game information


These are the characters the player must play as. Each soldier has three hearts (each taking one hit) and have the special ability to revive their fallen comrades by giving them some of their health. Soldiers can jump and run (running faster comes from a power up) as well.

Nitrome Must Die

Red and yellow soldiers appear in Nitrome Must Die as enemies. They do not posses the ability to jump, and simply walk back and forth on the floor. They attack by firing a bullet from their gun helmet. Every time the player appears directly over them (even if the bullet can't hit the player), they shoot.

Since they only attack by shooting up, they are easy to kill when shot at on the floor as they are defenseless when attacked this way.

In Bullethead
In Nitrome Must Die
Red Tricopolican Triclopian Helmet Yellow
NMD Red Triclopian NMD Yellow Triclopian

Other appearances



  • The soldiers make the same death cry as Kapowski.

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