This article is about snowballs from Roller Polar. For snowballs from other games, please see Snowballs.


The Polar Bear on a snowball

Ability Moving
Game(s) Roller Polar

Snowballs are interactive objects in the game Roller Polar.


A snowball appears as a big white ball. When the game start, there is a big number on it that indicates the player's score.

Game information

In each game of Roller Polar the Polar Bear starts out on a snowball, trying to stay balanced on it. The snowball will roll up hazards that have to be jumped over.

Upon avoiding a certain amount of hazards, the player will come across another snowball and will have to double jump to jump from their current snowball on to the next snowball. Each further snowball the player comes across will move faster than the previous one.

Failing to jump on to a snowball counts as hitting an enemy.

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