This article is about snowballs from Frost Bite series. For snowballs from other games, please see Snowballs.

Attack Rolling
Damage One fourth of health
Game(s) Frost Bite, Frost Bite 2, and Thin Ice

Snowballs appear as a hazards throughout the entire Frost Bite series. They appear in all three games, including the spin-off, Thin Ice.


A snowball is a medium sized sphere of bluish white snow. Snowballs are outlined in black and have small blue specks on them. The snowball is tightly packed and reflects light at the top.

Game information

Frost Bite series

Snowballs roll at a fairly quick speed, either on the ice or on a mountain, and cause the player harm if they make contact with the snowball. Snowballs cannot be destroyed; they can only be avoided by good timing. In Thin Ice, however, snowballs on some levels can be sunk if the player cuts a hole in front of its path.

Enemies cannot be hurt by snowballs. Snowballs will cause the player to lose one fourth of their health in the game. In Frost Bite 2, they are spawned in great numbers and encountered on one level very often, and are difficult to avoid.

In Thin Ice, snowballs usually are spawned so that they travel in rows or columns horizontally or vertically across the screen, with few openings in between them. This means the player must be careful in skating around enemies while trying to avoid snowballs at the same time.


  • The snowballs in Snow Drift have a strong similarity to the ones from Frost Bite, hinting that the Frost Bite snowballs might have been reused in Snow Drift.

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