Snow machines
Snow machine
Abilities Firing snowballs
Game(s) Bad Ice-Cream 2

Snow machines are hazards in the game Bad Ice-Cream 2.


Snow machines look like big, rectangular machines with a large pipe protuding from the top. On the side of a snow machine are three lights and a crank.

Game information

Every once in a while, the crank on the side of a snow machine will start rotating and the lights will flash. Then snowballs will be shot out from the machine' s pipe, followed by arrows with indication marks appearing in various places on the level. These arrows indicate where the snowballs will land. When a snowball falls on the ground, it will create a block of ice where it was. Contact with the machine itself is not dangerous at all to the ice cream characters, but the falling snowballs are.


  • Snow machines can be considered the opposites of volcanoes, since they create ice blocks, and volcanoes melt them.

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