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Thin Ice Preceded by Snow Drift Followed by Jack Frost
Ico snowdrift
Released On/before 16th December 2007[1]
Play It Miniclip
Levels 20
Game Type Main Game
Genre Platformer, Action
Websites, Miniclip,

Left Right
Up While Running

Credits Artwork
Simon Hunter
Aaron Steed
Lee Nicklen
Snow Drift Menu
Snow Drift Main
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Snow drift

Snow Drift is a platform game released in 2007. The player controls a Yeti who travels along snowy and icy platforms to reach an igloo while avoiding enemies.


Left Right Left and right - Move

Up Up - Jump

Down Down - Slide (while running)


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Penguin 1

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Snow Drift!

The yeti is standing in front of the Chip Shop. Above him reads, "Across the frozen reaches of the tundra, through the frozen wastes, beyond the icicle laden abyss... you finally made it to the Chip Shop. And before closing time too!".


  • Emperor Penguins - Walk around on platforms without a real attack.
  • Arctic Foxes - Fire penguin missiles at the yeti.
  • Tech Arctic Foxes - Fire pink penguin missiles which follow the yeti.
  • Penguin Missiles - Fired by foxes. Regular missiles travel in a straight line but pink missiles may follow the yeti until they hit something or the yeti gets behind the missile.
  • Polar Bears - Throw penguins as grenades.
  • Walruses - Create a shockwave on the ice. Cannot be killed.
  • Narwhals - Move vertically and get in the way of the yeti's path sometimes. Cannot be killed.

Interactive Objects


  • Melting Platforms - Start to disappear once stepped on.
  • Seesaw Platforms` - Tilt from side to side with the weight.
  • Rotating Blocks - Continually move, even when the yeti does not move.
  • Spikes - Hurt the yeti on contact.
  • Spiked Blocks - Platforms covered in spikes moving vertically.
  • Logs - Serve the same role as conveyor belts, transporting the yeti to other locations
  • Snowballs - Roll down platforms when dropped from the sky, hurts yeti on contact.

Pick Ups

  • Penguins - As pickups, they can be run into for extra points.
  • Fish - Gives the yeti an extra life if lost. They will not affect the player's heath if it is full.


Site/Event Year Contest Prize Outcome
Jay is Games 2008 Best of Casual Gameplay 2007 Best Platform game Nominated


The theme of Snow Drift is the player controlling a Yeti in an arctic environment. The Yeti is running on snow and ice throughout the entire game, and other arctic animals are seen, such as polar bears, walruses, and penguins. Hazards include objects such as icicles and snowballs.

Unused content

Snow Drift contains unused green coloured font. Notably, this font exists for only four characters, all of which are symbols and not letters, and none of which have a Snow Drift counterpart. An image using this font exists for backward slash (\), forward slash (/), equal sign (=), a starting quotation mark (“), a left bracket [(] and right bracket [)]. Interestingly, this unused font (along with another unused font) is present also in Go Go UFO.

Notably, this font is not used in any Nitrome games. However, considering its neon green colouring, it is possible that it is beta text from Go Go UFO, although this is unlikely, considering the gap between Snow Drift's and Go Go UFO's release, and how Go Go UFO would likely take less than a month to make (due to being a mini game).

However, although all text is neon green coloured, only the backwards slash is present in Go Go UFO's files - a forward quotation mark, forward slash, and equal sign are also present, but are unused and appear grey coloured. It is also possible that this neon green font points towards an unreleased Nitrome game.


  • The player can jump by either pressing the Up arrow key or the Space.


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