This article is about Guards from Final Ninja. For Guards from other games, please see Guards.

Sniper Machine
Attack Firing
Abilities Moving a crosshair around the level
Health 1
Points 70
Game(s) Final Ninja

Sniper Machines are a type of enemy guard in Final Ninja.



A sniper searches for Takeshi while he remains in stealth.

Sniper Machines have the appearance of a basic cyber guard sitting in a blue levitating chair at a computer looking at a screen with a crosshair on it, while his left eye is in a machine, which is probably an enhancement so that he can more easily control the crosshair. The back of the chain has a rocket like object which possibly levitates the chair and has an antenna on the top which makes sends out commands to the crosshair.

Game information

The Sniper Machine acts very much like the Final Ninja Zero variant, and even resembles it a bit. When Takeshi gets in range of the crosshair, it will move move around and follow Takeshi, slowly, but fast enough to keep up with him. When the crosshair is on Takeshi, a pink ring will form around the crosshair and it will fire, but only when it is on Takeshi. Takeshi can avoid the crosshair by going into stealth. When in stealth, the crosshair will move around as if Takeshi has not yet shown up.

This can be sometimes good, but if the crosshair is to close the player could possibly get killed when they come out of stealth. The player can also run away from the crosshair by going to an area which goes out of range of the crosshair, but this would be exactly like going back into the area again resulting in the player having to do some thing over again to get back to the area. The crosshair can go through any surface, but cannot go to areas where it is to far away from its Sniper Machine. The crosshair shots will not harm enemies or hazards, only Takeshi.

Sniper Machines are hidden in areas where the player will have to usually venture across hazards and enemies, as well the Sniper's crosshair following the player. Sniper Machines are very weak and do nothing to protect themselves from Takeshi's Ninja Star, as one will destroy the machine. Sniper Machines usually appear once in levels, but in further levels the player has to sometimes traverse levels while avoiding two crosshairs.

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