Sniper green enzymes are enemies in Test Subject Green. Although it is never mentioned, it is unconfirmed whether these enzymes were created by the Professor or Dr. Nastidious, as Dr. Nastidious states that they were "untested" on the level they are introduced.


Sniper green enzymes have two hands. One of them grabs a vertical surface, while the other, which has a purple glove, fires the bullets. Like all green enzymes, it is green with a small amount of shading and two black lines for eyes.

Game information

Sniper green enzymes do not move, instead, they appear gripping the sides of platforms, holding on to the platform.

Sniper green enzymes have the same accuracy as detection proton cannons, and are the only two types of enemies have this type of accuracy. The sniper green enzyme will attack Blue by pulling off its own head with its metal glove and throw it at Blue. It will thrown it at where Blue was standing, even if Blue is in a place unreachable by the green enzyme's head. The metal glove appears to be made out of the same material as Blue's proto-suit.

Sniper green enzymes can quickly throw and regenerate its head, making it one of the most dangerous enemies in the Test Subject Blue series. Sniper green enzymes can be killed with one blue proton bullet from Blue's proto-suit or the Rex209. The sniper green enzyme's head will explode when it hits Blue or any other surface. Sniper green enzymes appear in greater numbers as the game progresses, in numbers of two or three per level, maximum eight.

Sniper green enzymes are the most frequently appearing enzymes in Test Subject Green.


  • The reason the sniper green enzyme has a glove is possibly because if it tried to attack without it, it would just squish its hand into its head.
  • Test Subject Complete has glitch on level five, where the sniper green enzyme can hit Blue, but the shot goes through Blue's head and does not harm it.