This article is about snakes from Rainbogeddon. For snakes from Ditto, please see Snakes (Ditto).

Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving
Health Pink Bomb Powerup - One
Drill(RBGDN)Missile(RBGDN) - Varies
Game(s) Rainbogeddon

Snakes are enemies in the game Rainbogeddon.


Snakes have a red semicircular head with purple lips and an eye. Following the head of the worm are three red cylinders with two purple triangular fins sticking out of each. These cylinders are not connected to the head or other cylinders in any way. At the end of a line of cylinders is a half-cylinder that has a purple circle sticking out the back end.

Usual worms have one head, three cylindrical segments, and one half segment. One level has an unusually long worm that has nineteen cylindrical segments; this one encountered on level fourteen.

Game information

Snakes will move around levels slowly. They are not encountered throughout the game past level 14. Worms can easily home in on the player, and block them off with their segments. Worms only weak spot is their head - bullets will go straight through their segments.

The heads of the worms are very sturdy, as on level one bullets, seven are required to kill the enemy. Worms are usually encountered in hallways one block long, and thus have to be run from. It is not known why Worms are not used further in Rainbogeddon.

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