This article is about snails from Canary. For snails from other games, please see Snails.

Snail gun monsters
Alien Turtle
Attack Firing goo balls
Abilities Hard shell
Health One blow from large object falling on it
Points 250
Game(s) Canary

Snail gun monsters are enemies in the game Canary.


Snail gun monsters have a grey shell on top of them. The shell is covered with pink lines and has a pink cannon sticking out of it. Underneath the shell is the blue eye of the creature. The creature has four pink legs, a pink tail, and pink skin.

Game information

The snail gun monster's cannon can shoot a glob of pink liquid that will damage the player upon contact. They are immune to the laser, thus the only way to destroy them is to drop a rock or other object onto them.

When encountered, a large piece of rock sticking out of the ceiling is usually present above them. The snails walk left horizontally, and frequently fire their shell mounted gun. The liquid from their gun is not affected by the gravity from the gravity orbs. Because the pink liquid is shot far up into the air, it can sometimes be hard to pass amongst other hazards.

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