Smasher squirrels
Spiked squirle
Attack Turning a spike ball around
Abilities Can be controlled via landing on head
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Parasite
Spiked squirle enslaved1

A enslaved smasher squirrel

Smasher squirrels are controllable enemies in the game Parasite.


The smasher squirrel is seen normally sitting in a carved out bowl. When not controlled, it is sleeping. When controlled it will have green eyes and its fur will become gray and it will begin to drool green goo. It has a spiky chestnut attached to its bowl.

Game information

When not enslaved, the spiky chestnut will spin around and only hurt the parasite, not enemies. When the smasher squirrel is enslaved, the spiky chestnut will hurt enemies.

Its spiky chestnut can be spinned by the right and left arrow keys. It can be extended or shortened by pressing up and down arrow keys. It is first encountered in level nine.


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