Smasher aliens
Attack Dropping the giant blocks
Abilities None
Health Six blows
Game(s) Bullethead

Smasher aliens are enemies in the game Bullethead. They carry around giant blocks and drop them as an attack.


The alien looks like it is either a mechanic, scientist, demolition expert, or possibly pilot. This purple alien has two small ears on top of its head, and is wearing a mask with three eye holes over its eyes; it operates a small flying saucer that has two levers on it.

Game information

Smasher aliens will come onto the screen holding a large block. It will hover around in the air holding the block, but will never go through the entire edge of the screen. It will eventually drop the block, cutting off the player from the other side of it and smashing anyone below it.

Smasher aliens will then fly around on both sides, sometimes through the edge of the screen. The aliens will then sometimes go the opposite direction of the player. It will eventually pick up the block again. When the alien is destroyed, the block will explode as well.

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