Smash and Faceball are both the main characters of the game Smash, Smash referring to the paddle, and Faceball referring to the ball. Although the player controls Smash directly, Faceball is the character the player has to protect, and the one able to leave the zone.


Faceball shares its appearance with Cuboy, with the similar facial features against a small pink ball that rotates whilst moving. Smash appears as a grey horizontal bar with a long aqua green stripe in the middle.

Game information

Super Pong

Smash in super form

Faceball will immediately destroy a coloured block upon making contact with it. Turquoise blocks are different and require three hits for Faceball to destroy one of it. When Faceball makes contact with a hazard, a heart will be lost and it will start at the paddle and will be released when the player presses Space.

When a character enters the Smash zone in super mode, the paddle will also retain this super mode, gaining two guns on either sides of itself. These guns fire blue lasers that instantly destroy any point-gaining coloured blocks and enemies. These lasers will not affect Faceball at all.