For the character, see Smash & Faceball.

The banner for Smash as it appears on the Menu of Mega Mash

Smash is one of seven games in Mega Mash. Smash stars the two characters Smash & Faceball. The game is like the other Mega Mash game Nitrometris, as each game is set in an area that is like a board, does not have main characters that walk, and is based off an arcade game.

Smash segments of Mega Mash levels are very short, these segments requiring that the player smash coloured bricks to progress through the segment. Smash segments appear very rarely, and are mildly difficult to complete as the player can only control the paddle that can bounce the Faceball, and may cause the Faceball to move in an undesired direction.


Smash is set in the Faceball world. The Faceball world is very similar to the Nitrometris world. The Faceball world has a dark blue background, with black circles in the background.

Main character

Main Article: Smash & Faceball



Interactive Objects


Main Article: Moo King

Beta elements

There was no image of Smash seen on any of the two NES Promo Posters, or the NES skin. The image Nitrome previewed when announcing Mega Mash showed an area from Smash with a few rows of colored blocks, each row having a line of same coloured blocks, a different colour for each row. There is an alcove at the very top of the row of blocks. Smash and Faceball look the same as they appeared in Mega Mash.


  • Smash is based off the game Breakout, although Smash is commonly confused with Pong, a game with similar gameplay. Breakout has the same gameplay and design as Smash, the only difference being graphics.
  • The Faceball resembles the red lines from Twang.

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