Hot This article is about small green creatures from Fat Cat. For big green creatures from Fat Cat and Nitrome Must Die, please see big green creatures
Small green creature
Small Green Creatures
Attack Moves around in level (FC)
Abilities None
Health One bullet from owl (FC)
Game(s) Fat Cat, Nitrome Must Die
Small green creatures are the second type of enemies encountered in the game Fat Cat, as well as enemies in the game Nitrome Must Die.


Small green creatures have spherical bodies, with many small, waving tentacles poking out from all sides but the front. On their front side they have a square eye with a square black dot to represent the iris. The creatures' bodies are completely dark green, except for their eye, which is a lighter shade of green.

In Nitrome Must Die, small green creatures look exactly the same except for being smaller, and made with better graphics (e.g. being clearer, light shining off them, etc.)

Game information

Fat Cat

In Fat Cat, small green creatures share similar characteristics to the red eyeballs, which the player is introduced to previously in the first level of Fat Cat. Like the red eyeballs, green creatures are destroyed almost instantly by one of the owl's attacks. They are usually quite mobile in levels, though sometimes they remain stationary and leave food in their place upon death. A bigger version of the green creature, dubbed the big green creatures, spawn infinite amounts of green creatures from them. Tree enemies also spawn green creatures.

Nitrome Must Die



Small green creatures decrease in size in Nitrome Must Die, and are only present in one level. They are almost all spawned from big green creatures, with the exception of the one present at the start of the level. Small green creatures are completely stationary, and float like their larger variations. They are very weak and are usually destroyed in one hit.


  • Factory skin - The metal body of a small green creature appears.

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