Small Fry (Small Fry being both singular and plural) are the main characters in the game of the same name. Small Fry are tiny creatures that live in a forest amongst other Small Fry. The main objective of the Small Fry is to get to a Home. Small Fry must rely on teamwork to get there, as each has a special ability that can aid the other fry. Small Fry are also very weak and most are susceptible to hazards and enemies on the planet. There are four types of Small Fry: Skeleton, Brain, Sporty, and Warrior.

Small Fry

Skeleton Small Fry Skeleton

Main Article: Skeleton (Small Fry)

Skeleton is the only Small Fry immune to all hazards and enemies (except Mud). This small fry has the appearance of skeleton, and can be used to reach objects in dangerous areas the other small fry cannot traverse.

Brain Small Fry Brain

Main Article: Brain

Brain is a smart small fry which can use its exposed brain to interact with brain flowers that can open up new ways for the small fry to get to other places. It will also turn at long drops and liquids which could harm it. Brain can be used to activate brain flowers to help the other small fry.

Sporty Sporty

Main Article: Sporty

Sporty is the athletic small fry. He is able to climb walls with his mouth and swim across water. He can run faster than all the other Small Fry's, who can barely run at all. He will also jump across short gaps. Sporty can be used to reach far off objects across a body of water or on top of a wall.

Warrior Small Fry Warrior

Main Article: Warrior

Warrior is a strong small fry. He can smash Stone Blocks and also kill enemies. He can be used to protect other small fry and pave a way to Home.


  • Although none of them appear as enemies in Nitrome Must Die, the Skeleton and Brain appear on the security monitors in some of the game's levels.

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