Slimy orange goo
Slimy orange gooREAL
Attack Dangerous on contact; moving
Damage Death
Game(s) Swindler 2

Slimy orange goo is a hazard in the game Swindler 2. It does not appear in the original game, Swindler.


Slimy orange goo appears in differing sizes throughout Swindler 2. This hazard appears as a cylinder covered with orange bubbles of varying sizes, some of these bubbles having two eyes in them. At the ends of the slimy orange goo is a hand like structure, that appears as two small diagonal jelly cylinders at the ends of the "hand", and three linear cylinders of the aforementioned shape between both diagonal cylinders.

Game information

Slimy orange goo is deadly to Swindler, killing him on contact. Their movement is controlled by a single wheel. Moving the wheel clockwise will move a slimy orange goo forward, while moving the wheel counterclockwise will move the slimy orange goo in the opposite direction.

Slimy orange goo are always found blocking the route the player needs to go down to advance farther in the level, the player having to move these enormous columns.

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