This article is about slimes from Twin Shot series. For slimes from other games, please see Slimes.

Green SlimeRed Slime

Blue SLimeCyan Slime
All four types of slimes

Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Jumping
Health Varies
Game(s) Twin Shot series

Slimes are enemies in the Twin Shot series. Slimes come in four variations, and are the first enemy to be seen in the game.


Slimes are medium-sized blobs with five spikes protruding out of their bodies. Slimes move around by jumping in the air, and when it the air, they form a spherical shape with their spikes on all sides.

Slimes come in four different colours: green, red, blue, and teal.

Upon being defeated, a slime will fly into the air, begin to swirl around, and eventually plummet off-screen (going through all platforms and characters).

Game information

Slimes typically move back and forth on any platform which they are positioned on. Unlike the angels, slimes do not bounce on bouncy platforms and will instead move about the platform. In later levels, new variations of slimes are introduced to the angels, each with there own characteristics and behaviour. Below are the three types of slime creatures which exist in the series.

Green slimes

Green slimes are the first enemy that the angels encounter in Twin Shot. They are the most basic enemy in the game, taking only a single arrow from the angel to be defeated. Slimes will jump in one direction, only turning when they have come to a ledge or a wall.

A slime will only fall if it is on a wooden platform that disappears. These are also the creatures seen when a purple blob creature is present in a level. Upon killing a green slime, it will drop silver coin, gold coin, gem, or a power-up.

Green slimes appear in the first level of Twin Shot and on the third level of Twin Shot 2 (inside a regular blue slime).

Red slimes

Red Slime

A red slime

Red slimes are the second variation of slime introduced. Red slimes assume the same characteristics as the green slime creature, moving only back and forth on a platform it is spawned on. Unlike green slimes, they take three arrows to defeat.

Every time after being hit, it will flash in and out of visibility for two seconds, until returning to normal. During that time, it is invincible, and any arrows fired at it will pass through it as if nothing were there. However, during their invincibility, they can still harm the angel upon contact. They are first introduced in level seven of Twin Shot.

Blue slimes

Blue SLime

A regular blue slime

Cyan Slime

A teal slime split from a blue slime

Blue slimes are the final variation of slime introduced to the angels. When shot, a blue slime will split into two teal slimes. When a teal slime is shot, it will split into two green slimes. Each slime that was in the blue slime will die (or split if it is not green) after being shot once by the angels.

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