This article is about slimes from Trap series. For slimes from other games, please see Slimes.

Slime Trap
Both slimes
Attack Dangerous
Damage Death
Health Indestructible (Trap series); Varies depending on gun (NMD)
Game(s) Knight Trap, Office Trap, Nitrome Must Die

Slime traps are hazards in the trap series, as well as enemies in Nitrome Must Die.


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The slime trap button appears usually wooden, and has the icon of a small white slime. Slimes themselves appear as blue or turquoise coloured droplets of goo.

Game information

Trap series

Slime traps are introduced on level two of Knight Trap. When the slime trap button is activated, a slime will come out from one of the edges of the screen. The slime will jump up, land on the ground, then repeat the process over again.

Slimes from the trap series come in two colours: blue and turquoise. Turquoise slimes move right while blue slimes move left. Slime traps are dangerous and hard to avoid in numbers, as the only way to get out of the way of a jumping slime is to either run underneath it, which can most of the time be tricky, or jump over it, which can be very hard to pull off.

Platforms may have multiple slime buttons, and due to many slime buttons being placed on platforms in later levels, slimes become a dangerous hazard due to their large number. Slimes appear yet again in Office Trap, only with a slight difference. Instead of the slime hopping around in slime form, it hops around while in a protective shell.

Nitrome Must Die

Blue slime traps appear in Nitrome Must Die. While they have low health, they hop around the screen, making them difficult to hit. You can prevent them from hopping if you hit them just before they plan to jump off the ground.

They often appear in large numbers in levels. The best weapon of choice would be homing missiles or any rapid fire weapon. On one challenge level (Floor 93), the player must defeat over two hundred slimes all coming at them at the same time. They also appear on the ad for Nitrome Must Die.

Other appearances



  • The slime trap enemies look similar to Blue from Test Subject Blue and Green from Test Subject Green.
  • In Office Trap, they appear in a shell which is also similar to Blue's Proto-Suit.
  • One challenge level in Nitrome Must Die holds the record for the most enemies in one Nitrome Must Die level, pitting the Homing Missile armed player against two hundred Slimes.
  • The slime has the same name, and the green slime has similar looks to the slime from the game Minecraft, but unlike that slime, this one is not cubic.
  • The slime has the same name, and the blue slime looks similar to the slime from the game Dragon Quest, but unlike that slime, this one does not have red eyes.

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