Organization Good
Health One blow
Weapons Sand
Ability Walking
Game Sandman

Sleepwalkers[1], also known as "sleepers" in-game, are the main characters in the game Sandman.


Sleepwalkers are humans wearing blue pajamas and night caps.

Game information

Sleepwalkers walk blindly forward at all times (as they are sleepwalking), turning around when they come to walls or the edges of the game screen, or when sand is dropped on them. Sleepwalkers can walk past each other without bumping into one another. They will die upon contact with water or nightmares, or by falling for very long distances.

Six Sleepwalkers are spawned from the beginning light portal in each level, and they will instantly begin moving forward. As they only move in one direction on their own, it is up to the player to use sand to guide them to the second light portal at the end of the level. Once one Sleepwalker enters the second light portal the level is able to be ended, but every additional sleepwalker that makes it to the portal awards 50 more points.

Other appearances

Chick Flick

On level 2, Sleepwalkers appear in the background.

Gift Wrapped

Sleepwalkers appear on some gift wrap, in santa suits.

Classic skin

Sleepwalkers appear on a hill, walking out of a portal and onto sand mounds in water.

Nitrome 2.0 skin

Sleepwalkers appear on a hill, walking out of a portal and into water.


Penguin 1

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