Sleeping monsters
Sleeping monster
Attack N/A
Abilities Blocks Magneboy
Health Falling down into space
Game(s) Magneboy

Sleeping monsters are enemies in the game Magneboy.


Sleeping monsters appear as purple cube robots with a grey screen in them. The screen flickers with green vertical lines. They also have a purple head with two red eyes and a grey key on top of them. The key is what makes them move.

Game information

Sleeping monsters are first seen in level fourteen, and are always positioned on top of purple tiles sleeping in every level they are in. Unlike other enemies, sleeping monsters will not hurt Magneboy, even when he gets close to one. Instead, they serve the same role as obstacles, not allowing Magneboy to pass where they sleep.

Sleeping monsters, however, can be removed from play when Magneboy pulls the purple tile they are on away from them. This will cause the sleeping monster to fall off the level, allowing Magneboy to pass through wherever the enemy was positioned.

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