Young Norse Warrior
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction N/A
Health 5 blows
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Sky Serpents, NES Sky Serpents

The Slayer[1]is the main character in the game Sky Serpents and the son of the Norse father, and makes an appearance in NES Sky Serpents.


The Slayer wears a helmet with a paw on it, probably signifying what clan or tribe he is from. Along with his hat, he wears a red scarf and a crimson red cape. He also has a large sword, but only its hilt is seen when he is not attacking, as it is carried on his back. Because the Slayer never turns his back to the screen in the game, it is not seen if the sword is in a sheath or not.

Game information


In the beginning of the game, before the first level, the Slayer challenged his father's sky serpent-slaying record of fourteen by setting out to slay fifteen sky serpents to beat his dad's record.

Once the player finishes all fifteen levels, the Slayer returns feeling victorious, only to find out that his father actually slayed 140 sky serpents.



The Slayer is armed with two weapons which he uses to slay sky serpents: a knife or dagger, and a sword.


The Slayer uses the knife to hold on to the serpent by stabbing it into one of the segments. This is useful for attacking the serpent when the warrior cannot stand on it.

The sword is the Slayer's main weapon used for attacking the serpents' weak point. While standing, he stabs the sword down. While hanging, he stabs the sword in the direction of the weak point.

One of his attacks with the sword in the air is the spin slice, where the Norse warrior spins his sword in a circle around himself. The spin slice is good for damaging multiple weak points while falling past them.

Actions in-game

At the start of each level of Sky Serpents, the Slayer lands on a sky serpent. The object of each level is to slay the serpent. The Slayer can traverse each sky serpent by walking, and go up to vertical segments with his knife. He is not immune to damage, some parts of the serpent will harm him and reduce health. For some sky serpents, he cannot hold on to it due to hazards situated along the serpents' bodies.

If he falls off the sky serpent, he will fall and bounce off the bottom edge of the screen, losing health but gaining a high vertical upwards bounce, so he can get back on the sky serpent. If he loses all health, he dies. When a sky serpent is killed, he will leap off the falling body of the serpent and presumably drift somewhere off-screen.




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