Skywire Series
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The Skywire series mainly consists of pressing the up and down arrow keys to accelerate or decelerate a cable car along the track, carrying passengers to their destinations. However, in the VIP games, the player does not drive a cable car, but instead types the name of who comes out of it.

Main Games


The first game in this series was the original Skywire, released in 2007. In Skywire, you play as a cable car which is carrying passengers across a landscape. You have to get to the goal losing as few passengers as possible to robotic enemies.

Skywire 2

Skywire 2 was pretty much Skywire with new features, levels, and bosses. It included a two-player mode as well, and all of the levels from the original game, which could then be played co-op.


Skywire VIP

In Skywire VIP, a cable car would slide onto a stage and release one or more Bean Characters. The player then has to guess who the character(s) is/are by filling in the blanks.

Skywire VIP - Extended

The extended version of Skywire VIP is essentially the same game, with the same gameplay. However, this game was started by two fans, and Nitrome saw their work, presumably updated the art and code, and made it into a full release on their site.

Skywire VIP Shuffle

Like the other VIP games, the player had to guess who was coming out of the cable car. In this version, all levels are random, making it harder for someone to access cheats. Also included in this version was the ability to pass up to five levels.


  • There are more games in the Skywire series than in any other series.
  • There are more spin-offs in the Skywire series than any other series. The only other spin-off is Test Subject Arena from the Test Subject series.

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