This article is about Serpent(s) from Sky Serpents. For Serpent(s) from Ice Breaker series, please see Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage.

Sky serpents
Orange Dragon Serpent
The orange dragon serpent
Colours Various
Abilities Some cannot be held
Members Various
Inventions None

Sky serpents are large flying serpent-like monsters that inhabit the skies of Norway in Sky Serpents. One also appears as a boss in Nitrome Must Die.

Common traits

All sky serpents:

  • have a spike at the end of their segmented body.
  • have weak spots.
  • bleed purple blood.
  • turn to stone and then break when killed.


Weak spots

All serpents have weak spots. All of the spots need to be destroyed for the serpent to die. Some serpents' weak points are covered with a shield component that slides open and close. The weak points will spew out blood when destroyed before turning purple.


Most sky serpents have a certain form of defence they use when attacked. These are attacks that are executed once one of their weak spots are destroyed. The attacks vary from serpent to serpent, but some serpents re-use some attacks from other serpents.


Very few sky serpents have special abilities. A special ability is not an attack, but something different the other serpents which is dangerous. Only three serpents have a special ability, the spider serpent, the bird serpent, and the octopus serpent (although the octopus and bird serpent have the same ability).

The spider serpent cannot be held onto, and because of this, the player cannot strike down on weak spots. The bird and octopus serpent move much faster then the other serpents.


A sky serpent dies when all its weak points are killed. When it dies, the serpent will move around in a circle, blood flying out of the weak points, and fly down. It will then slowly turn to stone, starting from its head and going up. When all of the serpent is petrified, it will slowly fall apart.

Known serpents

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