This article is about Skulls from Turn-Undead. For Skulls from other games, please see Skulls (Disambiguation).

Skulls T-U
Attack Ramming into the player
Damage Instant death
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Turn-Undead

Skulls are hazards in the game Turn-Undead.


Skulls resembles human skulls and are white, with two small rectangular eyes, a repeatedly chattering mouth, and a light blue outline from which wisps of energy extend from.

Game information

Skulls first appear in level 8 of Turn-Undead and are similar to bats. Skulls occasionally appear in groups and cannot be destroyed by stakes. For every move the player makes, a skull will move one pace forward along its path that is indicated by glowing blue nodes.

If the player happens to touch a skull, they will instantly die. An easy way to bypass a skull is to jump over them when they are two spaces away or, if the skull is about to turn back on their path towards the player, the player should jump up on the node second to the end and then move forward.


  • Interestingly skulls and bats behave exactly the same with the only two differences between the two being that bats can be destroyed while skulls cannot and bats debut one level after skulls.

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